We asked, you answered!

We want 2019 to be the year that we TRANSFORM your skin and we’re so excited to tell you about two new skin packages that we’re are now available at Woodlands. You may remember that just before Christmas last year, we emailed you asking how your skin was. We asked you to complete a mini survey telling us about your main skin concerns and the treatments you’d be most interested in trying out to combat them. Well, we’ve compiled the results of the survey and there was a lot for us to take on board!

We found that two of the biggest skin concerns for our clients, regardless of age, were congested or blocked pores and lines and wrinkles. We also discovered that lots of our clients are self conscious about their acne scarring and that many people are also suffering with dull skin, which, let’s face it, at this time of year is definitely to be expected!

The two treatments that came out as the most popular across the board were dermaplaning and chemical peels. These two treatments are actually both fantastic for tackling several of the concerns raised, such as congestion, dull skin and fine lines, so it’s great to know that the treatments you’re interested in are the ones that are actually most likely to help.

We’ve spent some time looking through the results and thinking about the best ways to help you really transform your skin this year. After giving it some serious thought, we’ve come up with two brand new “ultimate” facial packages that combine some of our most effective treatments to give you the most amazing results! Without further ado, we’d like to introduce our Global Skin Treatments;


Global Gold Facial £175

Mild Chemical Peel, Radio Frequency, Skin Needling, LED (all in one session)

This treatment begins with a mild chemical peel to gently exfoliate the skin, before we use Lipofirm Radio Frequency to tighten everything up. After that, we’ll apply some numbing cream before using the fantastic Skin Pen microneedling system to stimulate collagen production and plump the skin. Finally, we finish off with an LED session to help soothe and heal your skin and to enhance the results of the other treatments.

Available at Woodlands Aigburth only

Global Rejuvenating Package £175

Treatment 1. Dermaplaning & Mild Chemical Peel

Treatment 2. (two weeks later) Skin Resurfacer

Treatment 3. (two weeks later) Skin Needling

Taken across six weeks, this package begins with a dermaplaning session followed by a mild chemical peel to exfoliate and boost radiance. Two weeks later we’ll go deeper, with a Skin Resurfacer to even skin tone and combat the early signs of ageing. We’ll bring you back two weeks later to finish everything off with a microneedling session to totally rejuvenate the skin.

Available at Woodlands Baltic and Woodlands Woolton only