A Guide to those Suffering with Mental Health

1. Stay off the new channels and social media sites that churn out worst case scenarios. Don’t read negative stuff from friends… tell them your starting a good news only rule! Listen to one evening bulletin if you must or ask someone to update you with anything you need to do.


2. Live in the present. What you don’t know now there are experts looking for the answer. Leave it to them and let that worry go as there’s no point dwelling on it. If it enters your head take deeps breathes and go and do something to distract you. Exercise is good, or pick up the phone and have a chat with someone (or get those chores done)


3. Direct your energy on what needs doing now. Do as much as you can to lessen the impact on you.


4. What you can’t change you learn to accept by know this… fear is worse than the event because it controls you.


5. Anxiety is worry and worry rarely becomes reality… and definitely never as debilitating.


6. Every time you worry about the future check yourself and look around. Right here, right now you are alive, do you have a home, warmth, food, a loving family and your health? You do?... everything else is a bonus.


7. When this is over and it will be over, you will have become a more resilient person.


8. Change what you can change and accept what you can’t but for every negative thought change it for at least a more positive one. Your brain defaults to its trained messages. The human brain is designed to think negative, you must train it not to.


9. Keep active – this reduces stress.


10. Talk to someone about your worries but remember this. Anxiety, fear and negativity is much more contagious than the virus! Positivity is the best vaccine so give it to everyone.


In time of crisis, great things can happen.