The Woodlands Guide to Summer Skin

You may remember that back in October we gave you our winter skin guide. Well, now that the weather has warmed up, you may find that your skin is facing a completely different host of challenges, so we thought it was about time that we put together some top tips to help you look after your skin during the summer months.


In a perfect world, we’d all be wearing SPF all year round. However, we know that realistically, in the UK, with cold and rainy weather for a lot of the year, many of us don’t spend a lot of time outside and even if we do, the sun is nowhere to be seen, meaning that SPF isn’t top of the skincare list for a lot of people. Even so, once the warm weather hits, you definitely should update your skincare regime to include applying an SPF in the morning. If you’re going to be spending any time outside - even if it’s just walking the dog for half an hour or picking the kids up from school - protecting your skin is extremely important. Harmful UV rays are the biggest cause of the early signs of ageing in the skin so an SPF of 30 or higher (ideally 50) won’t just prevent you from burning in the short term, it will also help to prevent long term signs of sun damage. Invest in an SPF that’s specifically for the face as many body sun creams can be too heavy and cause congestion and break outs. We recommend Dermaquest SheerZinc SPF 30 or SunArmour SPF 50.

Fake it don’t bake it

Following on from the point above, we know that a healthy looking tan is something that many of  us aspire to, especially during the summer when shorts, little dresses and bare shoulders are the norm. While it can be tempting to sunbathe in the garden or even have a few sessions on a sunbed to give yourself that golden glow, a much better and safer solution is to fake it with a self tanner. Vita Liberata’s Invisi Foaming Tan Water is a fuss-free product that dries quickly and applies clear, meaning there’s no risk of transfer onto your clothes or bedding. 

If a few hours basking in the sun is far too tempting to avoid, just make sure that your skin is properly protected all over with SPF and that you move into the shade during the hottest part of the day.


As we discussed in our recent blog about how to wash your face properly, the best skincare regime includes a proper cleanse both first thing in the morning and at night. This applies even more so throughout the summer, when our skin is much more likely to sweat during the night. Make sure you’re starting your day with a fresh, clean face, by cleansing with a product such as Dermaquest Essential Daily Cleanser. At night time, take extra special care and give your face a really in depth cleanse to remove all traces of makeup, SPF and any sweat and oils that may have built up throughout the day.


In order to keep your skin looking bright and radiant throughout the summer months, use a gentle facial scrub or a chemical exfoliant to ensure that you’re getting rid of any dead skin cells and to keep oil production in check. The DermaClear Pads or Algae Polishing Scrub are a great way to gently brighten and smooth the skin.

If you are using an acid exfoliant or toner, be aware that this can increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun, so you should definitely, DEFINITELY be wearing an SPF when going outside.

Switch to a lighter moisturiser

If you find that your skin tends to feel more greasy in the warmer weather, it may be worth changing up your moisturiser. Thicker, rich moisturisers are great during the winter months, when your skin needs lots of nourishment and hydration, however, during the summer, when your skin is prone to sweating and producing more oil, a heavier formula isn’t really needed and can end up sitting on the surface of the skin instead. Unless you suffer with very dry skin all year round, try switching to a lighter, water-based moisturiser, such as Dermaquest Essential Moisturiser, instead. You’ll find this absorbs better and will feel a lot less sticky on the skin. 


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