Laser Hair Removal now at Woodlands!

Woodlands Aigburth is now offering laser hair removal! After spending a lot of time researching various different hair removal systems, our Director, Alison, contacted the team from Laser and Aesthetics who were able to provide lots of advice and support on choosing the best machine. She ultimately decided to go with the EosIce Ultralight, which rivals many of the leading laser hair removal systems on the market today.

The EosIce Ultralight is the “Gold Standard” in diode laser hair removal. Many laser hair removal systems are less effective on darker skins or lighter coloured hair, however, the EosIce Ultralight boasts tri-cluster diode energy, which means that it can emit three different wavelengths, making it extremely efficient for hair removal on all skin types

By providing three wavelengths, the EosIce Ultralight is able to target different tissue depths AND different structures within the hair. The three wavelengths can be used individually or in combination depending on your skin type and hair density.

The machine also includes a built-in cooling device, which ensures that each treatment is comfortable and virtually pain free. Not only that, but it can also emit up to ten pulses of laser energy  per second, making treatment times shorter.

We’ve already seen some fantastic results on our clients with visible improvements after as little as two or three treatments! In clinical studies, 95% of patients reported a hair reduction of over 90% after three to five treatment sessions with the EosIce Ultralight. For best results, we recommend five to six sessions.

Laser hair removal treatments are available NOW at Woodlands Aigburth. The treatment can be performed on various areas of the face and body, including the lip and chin, legs, underarms and bikini line. For more information, incuding prices, click here or give us a call on 0151 728 7652.