Getting To Know You - Clare

It's her birthday today, so we decided that it's about time we did a "Getting To Know You" blog all about our lovely Receptionist, Clare...

Clare has been working at Woodlands Aigburth for the last three years so it's very likely that if you're a Woodlands client, you will have spoken to her on the phone at some point.

Clare is our resident "organiser" - she arranged last year's Christmas night out (which was a huge success!) and up until recently, has always been the person responsible for sorting out a card and present whenever it's a member of staff's birthday (don't worry - we didn't make her organise her own birthday card!)

She also often ends up being our designated driver whenever we need to get anywhere as a group. This is thanks to the fact that she owns a rather sizeable mini van, which is ideal for transporting lots of Woodlanders in! 

Clare's favourite treatment to have at Woodlands is a facial - she's another one that likes our relaxing treatments the best ;)

Her best beauty tip is to take good care of your skin! Always remove your makeup at night and use a good moisturiser.

In her spare time, Clare likes to enjoy the great outdoors with her family, going on bike rides and long walks down Otterspool prom.