Beauty - why do we love it so much?

We all have our own beauty rituals, whether it's taking time each morning to carefully pencil in your eyebrows, getting regular manicures or even treating yourself to anti-ageing treatments such as Botox or dermal fillers. The beauty industry has seen huge growth over the past few years, with business experts describing it as "recession-proof" due to the fact that even during the recession, when people cut back their spending in most other industries, sales of beauty products and services remained constant and even increased.


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So what it is about beauty products and treatments that we love so much? Perhaps first and foremost is the fact that beauty treatments make us look good! We all know that feeling of walking out of a spa with gorgeous, freshly waxed and tinted brows or a fabulous new manicure. Looking good makes us feel good and that, in turn, gives us more confidence. During the depths of the recession, experts developed a theory known as the "lipstick effect" which refers to the fact that sales of cosmetics actually went up even though many people were struggling to make ends meet. The theory behind this is that even something as simple as a new lipstick can go a long way to boosting your mood and giving you a "spring in your step", especially when times are tough and people are struggling financially. Again, this links back to the idea that improving our appearance is directly related to how we feel about ourselves and our confidence.


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Of course, with the constant technical advancements in the beauty world, it's no wonder that this industry is growing so much. Companies are constantly launching new "hero-products" and techniques that claim to lift, tuck, brighten and tighten and we're happy to give them all a try! Aesthetic treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers have also seen a huge increase in popularity over the past few years, for a number of reasons. Firstly, when people lead such busy lifestyles, a procedure that can be carried out relatively quickly, with little to no downtime is far more convenient than more invasive procedures, such as surgery. Also, while these treatments previously had a bad reputation for making people look fake and "overdone", more people are realising that with a good practitioner and the right products, the results can be fantastic. In fact, the aesthetics industry is seeing such a huge rise in popularity that more and more doctors, nurses and dentists are actually taking botox and dermal filler training courses in order to be able to offer these treatments themselves.



At Woodlands we love that the treatments we offer make a huge difference to how people feel about themselves. We have a wide range of treatments available and while some are certainly more popular than others, it's interesting to see how it varies from person to person which ones are prioritised. For example, while some of our clients make sure that they have a Shellac manicure every 2 weeks without fail, others prefer to have regular spray tans to keep their skin looking bronzed and beautiful. Of course, we also have the ladies and gents who are regulars at the clinic, booking their Botox appointments months in advance to make sure that they remain wrinkle free! No matter your treament of choice, it's all about doing what makes you look and feel your best and we'll always be here to help.