Aesthetic Treatments - Safety Should Always Come First

Here at Woodlands Medical, we pride ourselves on offering the best patient care and confidentiality. However, first and foremost, our main priority when it comes to all the aesthetic treatments we offer, is safety. It is vital that aesthetic treatments, such as anti-wrinkle injections, are carried out by a qualified and experienced medical professional. At Woodlands, all of our treatments are performed by medical professionals with many years of experience in administering injectables, so patients can be sure that they are receiving the best possible care.

However, it has come to light that at present non-medical professionals are carrying out these treatments. Many salons and spas now offer injectable treatments such as facial fillers, but it is often the case that the injector has no medical background whatsoever and has simply been on a day-course where they are taught how to do the procedure. This is a real concern; if something were to go wrong during a procedure, for example if a patient suffered an allergic reaction and had an anaphylactic shock, the injector would not have the medical expertise to deal with the situation. Also, if an aesthetic treatment is carried out incorrectly, the results can often be devastating. Side effects include lumps forming under the skin, infections and even vascular problems which can be caused if filler is inadvertently injected into an artery and subsequently blocks it (necrosis).

It's important to remember that while aesthetic injections may be seen as 'beauty treatments', they are still medical procedures. Our advice to anyone considering any kind of aesthetic treatment is to ensure that you see an experienced nurse, doctor or dentist. A full medical consultation should be carried out to discuss your needs and to decide what treatment is best for you. You should take into consideration the qualifications, length of practice and continuous professional development of the practitioner. Most of all you should feel able to entrust the practitioner with your face, knowing that they will provide the most cost-effective and improved aesthetic results for you.