A New Team Member!

We are thrilled to announce that aesthetic nurse practitioner Saria Tahir is the latest addition to our medical team! Saria is an extremely experienced and skilled aesthetic practitioner and we are very excited to have her on board. 

We asked Saria to send us a bit of information about herself so that we could get to know her a bit better. Here's what she had to say;

"I was born in Huddersfield and lived in Brighouse all my life until I got married, then moved to Bury. I first trained as a nurse in Humberside and then in Keighley. I initially got into aesthetics through working with medical lasers and moved into injectable aesthetics about ten years ago. This began with some in-house training and I've since undertaken training with many of the leading aesthetic companies including Galderma, Merz, Allergan, Schuco, Aestheticare, Skinbrands, Skinceuticals. 

I feel as aestheticians we are in a very privileged position; our patients open up to us and share their personal fears and thoughts. Many patients suffer from low self esteem or self confidence, which can be brought on by many things; from the divorce that made the beautiful woman break down in front of you, to the older lady who feels she just needs "a bit of something" to make her feel sexy again. You just can't buy that sense of professional pride I feel when a patient looks in the mirror and squeals because I got it just right! That's why I love aesthetics.

One of my favourite treatments to do is sclerotherapy. I love seeing the solution flow through the vessels pushing out the blood, it's really satisfying! (sad aren't I? Ha ha!)

I love that I can make dramatic improvements to patients' skin. Combinations of different therapies is the key. During my career, I’ve been able to treat patients who have endured years of torment because of their PCOS-related hirsutism and cystic acne; how empowering it is to be free of that torture. I’ve also treated school children who have been bullied at school for their spider angiomas - the sheer relief of taking that first step is unimaginable!

We make a huge difference to our patients' lives and that why I feel that we are truly privileged. I get to do this on a daily basis. I am blessed."


Saria's first clinic day is Wednesday 31st January and you can book an appointment with her by calling us on 0151 728 2536.