Fat Reduction treatment now at Woodlands!

Summer is probably the time of year when we're all thinking about our bodies even more than usual. With lots of talk about being "beach ready" and "having a bikini body", we're all prone to feeling the pressure and fixating on those areas that bother us the most, especially when diet and exercise doesn't always seem to make much difference. While we're all about body confidence here at Woodlands, we also understand the frustration of having a particular area of our body that makes us super self-conscious all of the time, such as our tummy, thighs or "bingo-wings". Our newest treatment, Intralipotherapy, is a possible solution for those pockets of fat that just don't seem to want to shift*! 

The new Deso range of products is formulated in two different concentrations; DesoBody for the upper arms, stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs, and DesoFace, which is one of the few products that has been proven to successfully treat fat in the "double chin". It contains deoxycholic acid, which is extremely effective at dissolving fat cells. The product is injected directly into the treatment area and breaks down the fat, which is then absorbed by the body and removed as waste.

We've already seen some amazing results from this treatment! Results are visible from your first session, but for best results, we recommend 2-4 sessions, taken at least 4 weeks apart. Both our aesthetic nurse practitioners, Christine and Saria offer the treatment in clinic. There is no downtime required post-treatment, however, bruising and swelling is common and patients are advised to wear a compression garment (such as control pants) for several days afterwards for best results.

If you would like to book in for a consultation to find out more about this treatment, simply give us a call on 0151 559 0865 or request an appointment by clicking here.

If you are a medical practitioner who would like to train in Intralipotherapy injections, visit our training website to find out more.


*Please note, DesoFace and DesoBody are not an alternative to exercise and eating healthily. The products are especially effective on localised pockets of fat, however, in order to maintain results, the patient must keep up an active lifestyle and eat a balanced diet.